Gas Fired Condensing Boiler

Gas Fired Condensing Boiler

The boiler adopts advanced full premixed combustion technology to achieve super high utilization of fuel, and the operating efficiency is increased by more than 15% compared with ordinary boilers. The integrated structure design reduces the floor space by more than 30%. It is the preferred equipment for energy-saving heating in hotels, shopping malls and schools.

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Ultra-Low NOx Emissions

The boiler adopts a new and environmental friendly combustion method------pre-mixed combustion, gas and air can be premixed through precise adjustment and proportioning, and the fuel combustion is fully. Surface combustion technology makes the combustion efficiency higher, reduces the emission of NOx, and the emission of NOx less than 30mg/Nm3, which conforms to Emission Standards for Atmospheric Pollutants in the most stringent areas in China.

High efficiency and save energy

The boiler is equipped with ultra speed smoke cooling tube, the numerical simulation analysis technology is applied, increase the heat transfer area by five times. The unique tearing groove design effectively reduces the thermal resistance of water film and the heat transfer elements penetrate into the exhaust air center. Compared with the ordinary hot water boiler, the operation efficiency of the boiler is increased by more than 10%, and the thermal efficiency can reach 106%, which is the first choice for energy-saving heating.

Small land occupation

The boiler adopts integrated design. Compared with the traditional heat exchanger, the heat transfer area of ultra speed smoke cooling tube is greatly increased, and the area occupied is reduced by 20-40% compared with traditional condensation boiler, and the infrastructure investment of the boiler room is also reduced.

Long life span

Condensation heat transfer elements are made of silicon-aluminium alloy with strong corrosion resistance, which can make service life of boilers longer.

Simple installation

The Boiler is self-contained and tested in our factory, it can run only if installing inlet/outlet water pipes, chimney, gas pipe and electricity, which can save installation and commissioning time. The inlet and outlet water ends are at the rear of the boiler body, which is convenient to install and good performance.

Modular design

Each boiler is standby for each other, the utilization ratio of equipment, investment and the operation safety are greatly improved, and the load regulation ratio of the system is improved, the outlet temperature is more constant, and the operation efficiency of the system is further improved.

Multiple safety protection

The Boiler has complete safety protection functions, such as over temperature protection, secondary overheat protection, etc. If sudden failure occurs, it can alarm immediately and protect the safe operation in an all-round way.


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